Submitting To Alice.D

Once reviewed, we will respond to you and let you know if your work has been successfully chosen to feature on ALICE.D within 14 days.

For more information on contributing to ALICE.D, please read below:

- Always email your story to us as the smallest size PDF, you can send the high quality to us
later if we agree to publish your submission!

- Make sure you include a brief summary of what your shoot concept is about.

- Include the teams social media handles and names. We don’t want anyone’s hard work not recognised.

- For fashion editorials: An editorial must have at least 6 looks and 10 pictures.
This is one of the most important criteria points for us. We will not accept a shoot that has 2 looks in it. Sorry..

- We are more then happy to provide you with a pull letter upon request

- If we accept your submission, we will also provide you with the tear sheets

For any other enquiries regarding submissions, contact us