What is it exactly you do?
I’m a Creative Director and designer.

Where did you grew up and where are you based now? 
I grew up in a lot of places, mainly in Europe and Central America.. currently I’m based in Los Angeles.

When did you form We Them Us and why? 
WeThemUs was formed about 3 years ago with my business and creative partner, Jen. It was out of necessity to tell more stories and showcase more work from the P.O.C community. We are aiming to rally the youth, and provide a space for perspective acceptance and creativity. 

Who’s on your team?
At the core there is Jen Sanchez who’s my business partner and an extremely talented producer, then there is Future, he’s our art director, he brings the vibes and has a forward thinking perspective. Hence the name future. We also have an insane collective of talent.

What’re your upcoming projects?
We are currently creating a ton of internal content much of which are short form stories/ media/ platforms. We have some cool stuff we are releasing with some of our music, beauty, lifestyle and fashion clients.

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