Urban, fresh, experimental - London-based graphic designer Georgie Yana’s aesthetic is sharp yet scattered but has an ease of movement that draws you in and makes you look twice. 

Born in Hackney, London and growing up in Chigwell, Essex Georgina Yianoullou is a quintessential Londoner - a rare commodity. It’s like the universe-aligned in her entering life there. It’s a perfect fit - the city’s often referred to as the ‘design capital of the world.’ She agrees: “I truly believe this is where the best design is made.  I see other cities and countries and I have never found anywhere more advanced in design than London.” She’s still waiting on an invite for afternoon tea with Queen Liz, but she’ll settle for a try of her chocolate cake.

Studying Digital Media Design at The London College of Communication, she earned a First Class Honours Degree. She says this is where she learnt the skills which she uses today. 

While her creativity and enthusiasm drove her to focus on her talents, it was a slow start. “I’m not sure anyone really starts off with a skill set. I always enjoyed art and design but it’s definitely a skill I’ve worked at developing. When I first started I’m not sure I had any skills or natural talent at all - I just knew what I enjoyed and so I wanted to learn and get better at it” She says. Her main downfall was typography, a surprise to anyone who views her most recent show reel.“It was only when I started breaking the rules and experimenting with type, motion and audio that it all started to fit into place.”

Although she works as a lead designer for the Sports department at We Are Social, you’d be wrong to assume she’s a sports fan. “Some how I have always managed to end up working in sports. I find designing with sports can be really interesting and allows me to push the boundaries more than any other department.”

Georgie’s parents taught her to work hard, and inspired her to be the best person she can be, inside and outside of her career choices. 

Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, famed with creating mathematically-inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints, was one of the first artists she admired. 

“His pieces are mesmerising. To this day I could stare at them all day long.” She says. She’s also a fan of Brooklyn-based, D.I.A Studio: “their typographic animations are truly amazing.”Georgie takes inspiration from the world around her - and when she finds a concept, she’s like a dog with a bone. “It has definitely turned into an addiction - an idea comes to me and I can’t wait to get home to create it and see how the piece turns out.” Does she want an audience to feel or hear a certain message when viewing her work? No. “I realise I could use my work to talk to people about my beliefs but I want to keep that separate.”

“I don’t particularly enjoy it when I see work from others where they shout and preach what they believe in. I like to think people from all walks of life can enjoy what I do and not be offended by the subject or what I create.”

After years in the business, Georgie wants young designers to be persistent, confident and hard-working. “Don’t be disheartened when people tell you no or you aren’t good enough,” she says, “Just because you aren’t the best today, doesn’t mean you won’t be the best tomorrow.”

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