"In the modern globalization, the avalanche of photos and visual contamination, the immediate and the disposable, there is rotation in people, products, jobs and work, constant life changes. This generates a cosmopolitan fashion, a mixture of cultures and a combination of modern and nostalgia. A new blend and fusion of items which were never together are born; what may have been absurd is now innovating, but not because it’s new but from a retro-modern point of view. Collection pieces, antique high-quality jewellery mixed with massive low-cost clothes. The important thing is colour, shape and texture. Characters with a strong personality who knows how to select and look, chase for the perfect item in fairs, vintage stores and malls all the same."



Photography: Lelen Ruete

Web: www.therabbitstudio.com 


Styling: Daniela Laporta

Web: danilaporta.tumblr.com

Instagram: @ddlaporta

Gonzalo Guigou  

Web: www.gonzaloguigou.com

Instagram: @gonzaloguigou

Makeup and Hair: Lu Pugliese

Instagram: @avant_garde.makeup

Models: Mateo Tejera at Montevideo Models @mateotejera @montevideomodels

Yuliana Lei Ma @mali.com.uy

Carmela Tzigana @lapropia_lapropia