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Written By Jebediah Shorten



Ah the Great Dane, she’s back and its on baby. Nicoline Aagesen the international photographer has a new exhibition- and you gotta see it.

The Danish born, badass bitty loves people exactly how they are, flawed and fabulous. The Free-The-Nipple fighter originally started her journey as a dancer, studying in New York City and then made that pas de chat over to modelling. When you’re a model though, honey, you ain’t got no creative license. You are a good little canvas serving as someone else’s vision. That’s when the fiery blonde babe said ‘FUCK IT, MY CAMERA MY RULES!’ and the title stuck.

 All those years in front of mirror dancing, seeing each beautiful shape and curve of the human form ignited her life long ambition of capturing it on film. Oh and of course being in front of the camera modelling sure didn’t hurt. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this gal’s work, where have you been? Living in a sailor’s boot? She’s had exhibitions in London and LA as well as Australia, Hong Kong and her home-turf Denmark. Having had a background assisting Danish photographers and also (no joke) artist Simon Birch as a mentor, her signature style quickly evolved. I’m telling you she’s a modern day Terry Richardson except without the creepy pedo moustache.

Her upcoming exhibition has been an all-round collaboration. What’s striking about this new series is she’s teamed up with Print House HK’s Hughie Doherty and Akiko Sakai to turn her photos into one of kind artwork. Hughie’s skilful strokes have transformed these images and we are literally gagging to see the final results!

Along with Print House she’s teamed up with Mahka’s French born Maguelone Calmels to produce this goddamn event! Mahka is a clothing and lifestyle brand located just off Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. I gotta say, some cool vibes there. Besides artisan clothing, accessories and unisex fragrances straight from France, (I KNOW!) they have their own radio station at the back of the store! It’s called Fauve Radio and hosts down-to-earth DJ’s and podcaster’s alike. Also defo worth mentioning is the outrageously rad lingerie designer and Kiwi born Jasmine Smith (Raven + Rose) who features in the exhibition. Lastly there’s French/Israeli Anael Darmon, long time friend and make up artist of Nicoline who brings world class standards into every look she does. Talk about an international melting pot of pure deliciousness. 

This series is still fighting the good fight of female empowerment and self-love. Talking from my own personal experience of working with Nicoline, she has a way of making each and every man or woman she shoots feel safe and deeply beautiful. It’s so rare to find that because with other photographers in modelling I’ve only ever felt insecure and self-doubt. Nicoline’s passion translates into raw and provocatively powerful images.

She is not a woman, she’s a unicorn.

SO, if you wanna check this mama-jama out the event is being hosted by 

Mihn Club on the 29th of November.

4F, 279 Des Voeux Road, 


Sheung Wan, 

Hong Kong

It’s a ticketed event, but fuck me its worth it mate, seriously!

Go buy one already, what’re you waiting for?

Nicole Aagesen.1

Models lured to the shoot with promises of wine included;

Clara Jade

Isabel Guyt

Perrie Kapernaros

Akiko Sakai

Maguelone Calmels


If you want to check out Print House and the official MCMR tee’s go to:

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Also, get down to ya undies with:

Oh and while you’re at it go check out Mahka:





Other Credits:

Nicole Aagesen @mycamermyrules

Artist: Hughie Doherty @printhousehongkong @hughiie

Makeup: @anamakeuphk

Model: Akiko Sakai @akikosakai

Jebediah Shorten @_jebediah

Maguelone Calmels @magcm

Isabel Guyt @isabelguyt

Clara Jade @clarajayde

Perrie Kapernaros